The [DIS]United Britain of circa 2222 - three years following the irreversible and fateful Brexit decision….

Three years. And…..what have we gained or learned from this real-world exercise?

What we see when looking beyond the high(est-possible) price we paid, as a nation, to retain our (immaterial) pride - a vanity quite inconsequential to all the world…but for ourselves. An event which marks the total loss, and temporary hiatus, of UK trade with the EU - and travel too; with a 90-day maximum limit (anathema to Gen-Xers and certain to be disregarded)….and so on.

The historic day offers us the moment to say goodbye to so many good things, soft perks, generous subsidies, cultural openness and interaction - and so on and so forth.

Thanks, my dear EU. You were, overall, most generous in financial and cultural terms, both.

Forgive me for not doing enough to stop this deal - or any deal - getting through at all.

Today - or on Brexit Day - we mark the themes of loss and sacrifice and self-ruination. On Brexit Day we celebrate the greatest of all our many magnificent mistakes - our failures - the influence on death, self-destruction and the end of an era.

All these (negative) issues (and more still) - make up a loss-heavy, emotionally charged true-life drama. A gathering of lost souls: the largest (and the last-ever) mass gathering to mark an occasion…

And - in this case - to accept the losses as symbols of resistance, not merely waste for waste’s sake. Because:

Wherever we go, the party’s getting started if the news is bad. ….Crowd ain’t happy unless they’re sad?

Success holds no meaning for ‘em; nothing means nothing. They got no values any way - nothing to link even two of them. But…no.

Why enjoy your life if “Life,” as the Buddha said himself, “is suffering” - ?


Life is suffering;